Kaysen BB in Copenhagen - host article

Copenhagen - Kaysen BB - host article

Kaysen BB in Copenhagen
Anette is a Bed and Breakfast hostice with capital H - on full time. She has not always been. Educated as florist at Bering Blomster - who are purveyor to the royal Danish court - she was happy to work with flowers, the big events, and the creativity being part of her job.

When Anette had her fourth child, Laurits, she decided that a life as full time working mom were too costly for the family - so she started her own children clothes company with base in the family home.

However, Anette later got sick and had to shut the company down. A couple of good friends were visiting and asked, what Anette now wanted to do. They came up with an idea - Anette and her husband could refurnish their annex and rent it out as a Bed and Breakfast - then Anette could still work at home and spend time with her children - and invite the whole world inside her house - in Hvidovre - at a Bed and Breakfast!

Even though the thought was appealing to Anette, she worried. She was nervous to invite complete strangers inside their home - with four small children. She did not know the guests who could come. Besides, she had promised the children that they could sleep in the annex, when they got a little bit older.

Anette ignored the worries and embraced the idea. Over the next weekend, beds were bought, so was furniture and accessories - and they furnished a little apartment on 30 m2 with private entrance, own bathroom and kitchen - plus bedroom and living room in one. Kaysen BB was born.

Anette's initial worries were quickly made to shame. The guests were nice, and many returned again and again - and almost became part of the family or friends of the house. Anette's new life proved to be happy with many happy and satisfied guests. The new life also gave the opportunity for Anette to revive her creative work.

To this day, Anette is very creative. She paints, does ceramics, and Christmas decorations - which she sells on Christmas markets in Denmark and Sweden.

Her painting are in fact also adorning the Bed and Breakfast apartment downstairs. Many guests have fallen in love with one of her paintings and bought and brought back to their respective home countries.

Anette likes to show her art to the guests. Mentionable in ceramic are dishes, jars, and bowls - and not least vases and flowerpots - because Anette still loves everything related to flowers.

Her guests also enjoys the beautiful garden with the many old fruit trees - and they enjoy a peaceful summer night with barbeque and coziness on the terrace. In fall, the trees abound with fruit that Anette gladly offers to her guests.

Anette's creativity is also reflected in the furnishing, when you enter Kaysen BB. The style brings your mind to Swedish coziness with white painted wooden panels and beautiful furniture.

This is not a coincidence - the Kaysen family also owns a house, from which Anette goes to Christmas markets and sells her Christmas decorations and artwork.

You can also meet other members of the Kaysen-family around Copenhagen. Anette's youngest son, Laurits, is a Guard at Tivoli and has been for the past 8 years. He started as a flute player in the Guard at just 7 years old - and today he has advanced to color guard and lieutenant. You can watch Laurits when the Guard of Tivoli marches their round through the old, beautiful amusement park in Central Copenhagen.

Many of Anette's guests have went to Tivoli to experience Laurits and the Guard in their magnificent red uniforms - and even though Laurits has to retire at age 16, he hopes to advance to Field Commander and get another year in the Guard.

Kaysen BB
Rooms in Hvidovre with private entrance, private bathroom and kitchen. A corridor to combined living room and bedroom. 32 m2 in total. Kitchen decorated with eating space for 2, 2 hotplates, table oven, electric kettle and a coffee machine.

Anette Kaysen
Nestoren alle 36
2650 Hvidovre
Mobile +45 22 32 03 76

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