Kulinariske Kildegaarden BB - an experience for young and old - host article

Frørup - Kulinariske Kildegaarden BB - host article

Kulinariske Kildegaarden - an experience for young and old
Lene was visiting Sweden and found a cozy Bed and Breakfast, where she could stay. For several years she had been dreaming of becoming independent - and suddenly she knew exactly, what her business was going to be. She would create a Bed and Breakfast - with culinary delights on the menu.

Lene is a trained chef and holds a Bachelor in Nutrition and Health, catering and management. Her background, to create a good and skillfully run business was in place. Lene and her husband lived at the time in Copenhagen and managed each their jobs - in the daily grind that permanent employment necessitates.

But Lene just could not get the idea of ??creating her own Bed and Breakfast out of her head. She seached the internet for opportunities to acquire a property on Zealand - with the potential to run a Bed and Breakfast. But it was far too expensive to buy such a property. The radius was expanded. Lene then found a farm on Funen Kildegaarden in Frørup. Lene's husband backed her up to such an extent, that he was willing to commute the long distance from Funen to Copenhagen every day. Because he did not want to change his job or his workplace.

The farm was inspected and purchased in 2012 - after several years of searching. The family moved into Kildegaarden, and Lene opened her Bed and Breakfast with 4 double bedrooms, shared bathrom and kitchen in the main house.

There were three stable wings on the farm. One of them was slowly filled with farmhouse-holiday-fun-cozy-pets and the other with machinery and equipment for the operation of the farm. But the last stable was empty. And Lene still dreamed of expanding with an holiday apartment, a industrial kitchen and a restaurant.

On Facebook she read, there was the opportunity to seek financial support for the expansion through The LAG funds. LAG is an abbreviation of the word Local Action Group. The aim of the LAG is to form locally based associations, to create development and innovation in local communities by among other things to allocate funds for relevant projects. LAG is part of the EU and the Danish Business Authority and aims to strengthen and invest in landdistrics areas. And it was such an area, Lene and her husband had moved to. Lene sought - and received - financial support for the construction of all her dreams. In fact she received the largest amount of aid funds, that were distributed throughout the year. The couple started the building process in 2015.

Now in 2016 the building is almost finished. After months of craftsmen on site, a courtyard filled with building materials - and a lot of decisions to be made - Lene has started work in the new kitchen with the production of catering, parties, team building with gastronomy, farm holidays, apartment rental - and rental of meeting rooms for local businesses.

Families have enjoyed farm holiday stays - and guests in general has benefited from Lene's good food and cuisine.

The apartment is being used. A beautiful apartment with kitchen and bathroom for up to 6 peo—ple. Lene enjoys serving her guests in the new environment and to give them a very nice experience at the Culinary Kildegaarden. But especially Lene enjoys her freedom in everyday life, where it is possible to live a life without stress.
- Where the choice, of what needs to be done and in what order, is entirely her own. And although there are many animals on the farm and much work, that needs to be done - it is the joy and freedom - that now is the greatest joy in Lene's new life.

Warmly welcome to Culinary Kildegaarden.

Kulinariske Kildegaarden 
4 beautiful rooms with space for 8 people and one apartment with private toilet and bath. Access to kitchen, dining and living room. Free wifi and TV. Restaurant and plenty of outdoor space for children and adults. Farm Holidays with access to petting and tractor rides. Meeting and dining facilities for up to 25 people.

Lene Østerlid
Frørupvej 17
5871 Frørup
Mobile +45 60 79 74 68

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