Sigerslevhus BnB - Stevns Klint

Annelise, Sigerslevvej 31, Sigerslev, 4660 Store Heddinge

01.01.-31.12. Open

Sigerslevhus is located very close to Stevns Klint with fields on the south side and the village on the other hand. Sigerslevhus is originally the village school built in 1904. The school was closed down in 1976. After this, the property was used as a workshop by Sigerslev Produktionsskole until 2001.

There is room for a maximum of 30 people located in 8 different rooms (2- to 5-persons rooms). One of the rooms has easy access for wheelchairs or disabled as well as a large bathroom.

1 person: 450 DKK
2 persons: 675 DKK
3 persons: 875 DKK
4 persons: 1075 DKK

Breakfast is bought separately for 95 DKK per person. Otherwise, you can prepare your own breakfast in our lovely large kitchen.

There is free WIFI.

There is also the opportunity to rent our grand ballroom. This could be the perfect setting for a party with your guests sleeping over.

Only two kilometers from Sigerslevhus the town of Store Heddinge offers many small shops and convenience stores, as well as the largest octagonal church in Northern Europe, the Skt. Katerina Church.

The public swimming center Stevnsbadet is also worth a visit, with its wonderful hot-water facility. Sigerslevhus is situated close to great nature experiences: Stevns Klint, Tryggevælde Å, Rødvig Strand, Gjorslev Bøgeskov and Sigerslev Mose.

In particular, the steep cliffs of Stevns Klint less than two kilometers away is a sight to see and recently appointed as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sights. Put it on top of your list and experience it yourself at Stevns Klint Experience. Here is the best opportunity to discover the story of how an asteroid impact wiped out half of life on Earth 66 million years ago.

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From  450 DKK per night 

Sigerslevhus BnB - Stevns Klint offers:
Single room: 450 DKK
Double room: 675 DKK
Family room: 1000 DKK
Apartment: 1250 DKK
House: 6500 DKK

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