Bornholm - the sunshine island

Bornholm - The sunshine island

Bornholm - the sunshine island
Whatever time of year you decide to visit this gem of a rocky island, you can be sure that there are experiences and exciting discoveries for the whole family. Bornholm is called the Sunshine Island because on average there are more hours of sunshine to enjoy than in the rest of Denmark. And even when the weather is at its dull side, you can sit and feel sunny and warm, by the kindness and the experiences you get from the people. With its 588 km2 the island do not look like much, but Bornholm has really understood to put themselves and their beloved island into the scene of tourism. They have fully understood how to take advantage of the benefits and challenges that you have when island is geographically situated slightly to the side. Bornholm is today a tightly packed experience for all senses, and it is only up to you how you want to be charmed. 

A culinary journey - eat your way through Bornholm 
Because of the culinary experiences Bornholm is worth a visit. The experience of enjoying a meal can be multifaceted. Bornholm does it all, from the most sublime gastronomic experiences, to the simplicity of a freshly smoked herring on a bench in the sun outside one of the cozy smokehouses. From whatever side you want to take your first bite of Bornholm, is up to you. 

In recent years an increased emphasis on proper raw materials with a good story has turned the spotlight on Bornholm several times. Visit for example the dairy in Klemensker, the only company in the world which has won 2 world championships in cheese. Or drop by Aakirkeby where they produce the famous rye crackers - a classic - that has been manufactured since 1924, where the current master baker´s grandfather baked it for the first time. Bornholm has so many culinary specialties, ranging from rapeseed and poultry from smokehouses, locally brewed beer, handmade chocolates and fantastic pasta made from Danish grown durum wheat. And part of the charm of the Bornholm gourmet food is in fact that it is a small island. Everyone knows the names of the people who have milked the cows and they know exactly what field the cows have been grazing on and enjoyed themselves throughout their lives. 

They know the farmer who has harvested the grain and they know that everything is made with care and consideration for tradition, quality, taste and sustainability. If you simultaneously want fresh air and to experience the unique natural surroundings, rent a bike and take "The Food Route" that will lead you past a fine selection of food producers around Bornholm. 

Based upon art
When you arrive to the island, it is almost impossible not to run into an artist or a craftsman. Goldsmiths, sculptors in wood, textile, glass and jewelery artists and glassblowers, potters and designers. The island has for many years attracted a lot of different creative souls, and most of them want to share their creative urge and invite you inside for an experience. There are open workshops where you can indulge in art and there are galleries and exhibitions, attractions and museums where you can look at it. The inspiration from the island's light and nature, as well as the good clay found on the island, are some of the obvious reasons why the island is full of creativity.

The Bornholm classics
Bornholm is known for several sights and attractions. Hammershus, Northern Europe's largest medieval castle ruin at Hammerknude, Paradisbakkerne with the 35 ton stone called Rocking Stone, Bornholm's highest point Rytterknægten, and the Ekkodalen - the stone formations between Hasle and Hammershus, Jons Kapel, Helligdomsklipperne and the round churches in Østerlars, Olsker, Nylars and Nyker. People would look questioningly at you, if you came from Bornholm without having seen at least one of these most famous sights!

Who comes first?
The island has the shape somewhat like a parallelogram. The circumference is 141.4 kilometres. The former Bornholm Railway´s old lines are transformed into bicycle lanes and winds through a terrain with slight elevations. The somewhat unlogical winding path shifts and turns due to that the railroad previously had to pass each Board member´s farms! Today, there are fantastically interesting and well-planned routes to embark on, whether you are into art, breathtaking scenery, gourmet experiences or you want to experience history - you can experience all from your saddle and it can even be done in a few days. Up on the bike and off you go.

We understand why - see you on the island!

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