Enjoy a Getaway

Enjoy a Getaway

Away from everyday life - Enjoy a getaway for the body and soul - visit Bed and Breakfast, rooms, holiday apartments, holiday homes, hotels and cottages in Denmark

When your inner life needs to be vented or your family needs a particularly good vacation, Bed and Breakfast is a cozy alternative to large expensive hotels. Bed and Breakfast is accommodation in private homes. The bed and breakfast hosts have made their own mark on the interior decor of the home, which may be nostalgic in the old style or quite modern. You can choose between stays in old villas, modern detached houses, idyllic houses and farms in the countryside with and without animals as well as a few stately mansions.Bed and Breakfast is private homes you spend the night in, and when you book one or more nights, it is private individuals who open their doors in their own homes to tourists, craftsmen and other guests in the area. Therefore, there is usually only one, maybe two, shared toilets and baths. Many offer access to kitchen facilities so you can cook your own meals.

In addition to accommodation in rooms, well-equipped holiday apartments or spacious family rooms, cottages and annexes are offered. Both online and in the printed guide, you can see what each accommodation has to offer. Explanation of facilities is provided in the printed guide via pictograms. The pictograms are placed on the flaps of the printed guide. The flaps can be unfolded and it facilitates symbol reading during use. The flaps can also act as a bookmark during your trip. You can view the printed guide online by clicking here: http://quickpaper.rosendahls.dk/bedandbreakfastguide/2019/page_1.html

Prices quoted are per room per night and may include breakfast, bed linen and towels. When staying in holiday apartments, the price is stated per night. Children can usually achieve a reduction in price. For longer stays there is often the possibility of a discount.

Pre-order and further information
It is a good idea to pre-book by contacting the selected host directly. Of course, it is also possible to come unannounced and ask for a room. When staying on islands, it is also recommended to book the ferry transport.

Payment is made directly to the host. We recommend making an appointment with the host whether it is cash or credit card payment. Please keep in mind that the vast majority of accommodations do not receive credit cards, and that you are most likely expected to pay cash on arrival. The prices in our guides do not always take into account any seasonal fluctuations. Always check the price with the host.

The printed guide
The guide divides Jutland into three regions, Funen as one, and Zealand with islands incl. Bornholm, as one. At the start of each region, a large map of the area is displayed. A dot with a number appears on the card. The figure represents an advertisement for a private accommodation or a Bed and Breakfast, and the ad can be found on the following pages. The ads are in numerical order. All ads have symbol explanations of the offers available. The flaps on the guides cover shows these explanations. You can order the printed guide and have it sent by mail: www.ferieideen.dk

Welcome and sleep well

You can order the printed guide and get it delivered through mail: www.ferieideen.dk


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