Cuddle cows - an experience for the entire family


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Cuddle-cows for the entire family

Did you know…

  • That cows that receives hugs are healthier and produces more milk?
  • Cows tell each another that they like to get a hug??
  • The cows absorbs your stress?
  • When you hug a cow, you get to be yourself again?
You do not get to hug the cows in your regular clothing. You will borrow coveralls, a red Dutch scarf, a farmer’s cap and rubber boots. We want you to get into the right mood - and prevent your clothes from getting dirty. The first step is to go into the hut where the small calves are - the calves’ nursery - we just sit down and try to make contact with them. When you are ready, we take the next step. We step out into the fields where the cows will be laying chewing cud. They are working on making milk out of the juicy grass. Jellemien will accompany you the hole way, to give you have a safe and good experience. The experience will take around 2 hours and can be extended with for example: Field walking, berry picking, barbecue event, coffee and cake, ice cream-dining or pancake baking etc. The price depends on the composition of the event.

ONLY  1699 DKK
2 adults and 2 children

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in a family room or in a cottage for two adults and two children
  • Breakfast for two adults and two children
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Guide on your tour
Please notice: Tours only available from 10-12 in the morning for the sake of the cows wellbeing Only possible in spring and fall season
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