Meta kinesis treatment and accommodation at Gratitude BB



Jeanette Meldgaard, Sjørupvej 13, Grønnerup, 9640 Farsø

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Meta kinesis treatment and accommodation at Gratitude BB

Gratitude BB and treatment - in the middle of Vesthimmerlands beautiful nature - providing balm for body and soul

Gratitude and welness

Get a helping hand to solve your problems - pain, allergies, stress, depression, trauma and so forth. Complete the treatment with a walk in our beautiful and varied scenery and enjoy accommodation in one of our cozy single or double rooms of your choice. We have nature rigth outside our doorm lovely rooms and big common areas. The package includes a stay for two people, where one persons wishes a treatment. The first day we start with a METAkinesis treatment, which is very thorough and time-consuming. The next day the treatment is concluded with a therapy form which is selected on the basis of what the body needs after the first day. It is also possible to do both treatments in one day, but then a nap is recommended as people are usually very tired afterwards.


We live close to Farsø in Vesthimmerland - in the middle of nature. Within a radius of max. 3 km you will find the forest, beach and moorland. We have our own forest and a hike in the woods is recommended after a treatment and a nap. A stay in nature helps restoring balance to your system. After all - we are part of it.

ONLY  2500 DKK
2 adults

The package includes:

  • Meta kinesis treatment for one person
  • Other treatment for one person
  • Accommodation for two people in a room of your choice
  • Access to common area
  • Access to our private forest

The package does not include:

  • Breakfast

Optional extras:

  • Breakfast: 50 DKK per person per day
  • Meditation: 50 DKK per person
  • We offer different treatment options. See more here.
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