Odensesyd BB Hjallese

Charlotte   Torbjørn, Hjallesegade 48, Hjallese, 5260 Odense S

01.01.-31.12. Open

Close to Hjallese Town Hall, motorway, train, bus, OCC, OUH, The Funen Village, Zoo, Odense Center, golf courses and "Engen", where concerts and more are held. Free internet and parking.

Breakfast package is available. I.e. that the breakfast set in the fridge in the evening. You can choose when you want to take it.

There is the possibility of sitting under the roof and smoking, there are barbecues, tables, chairs and cushions in the BnB area.

Bicycles can be rented at the station. We can possibly. do for you.

From  460 DKK per night 

Odensesyd BB Hjallese offers:
Single room: 460 DKK
Double room: 580 DKK

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