A 5-star experience in West Jutland - host article

A 5-star experience in West Jutland - host article

We sit in Aase and Preben’s fantastic, newly built orangery overlooking the landscape and the Limfjord. I am - I think for the sixth time - guest at Humlum Bed and Breakfast. And I will definitely come again. This place is a paradise on earth. I am curious to hear how Aase and Preben actually started their Bed and Breakfast and how they landed in Humlum more than 25 years ago ...

In 1992, we lived in a splendid house in Struer - a bricklayed villa - which we had renovated over many years. A friend to me, tells Aase, told us about a country house in Humlum that was put up for sale. That is how our adventure here started.

As the impulsive and curious couple Aase and Preben are, they drove from Struer and looked at the old school house in Humlum. After 14 days they had sold their house and bought the property. - When I was here the first time, I came alone. And as I just came - without appointment - I couldn’t get inside. So I had to look through the windows. There, I could see that all rooms were connected through glass doors, and you could see all the way through the 36 meters long house, says Aase.

- And that was what made us fall in love with the house. Fall headlong in love with this place. Even though the garden was overgrown and the house needed a little more than a loving hand, we could see all the possibilities everywhere. - Over time, we have renovated the entire house. Doors, windows, floors, ceilings and walls. Kitchens and bathrooms. Fortunately, Preben is a very skilled craftsman, who can do most things himself. However, it was a huge challenge for us to have this large property renovated to the standard it has today.

In 1996, Aase and Preben were visited by some local artists. The visit inspired Aase for the idea of ​​starting a gallery. And there is not far from thought to action when it is Aase and Preben, we are talking about. And Preben is so visionary that he manages to catch all Aase’s balls in the air - and make them a reality.

Now the couple designed an art gallery in one of the wings of the farm - the school teachers former private residence. Three weeks later they opened their first art exhibition. Everything was painted white indoors and transformed into a beautiful showroom. Sand was scattered on the floor. Aase had made contact with artists in the local area. Pictures and art were exhibited. It was a huge success.

The school teacher’s residence was now meticulously renovated. After a couple of years, the couple thought why not combine the gallery with a Bed and Breakfast. It didn’t take long before they were drowning in work and success.

Preben was self-employed and ran an optician business in Struer, while the couple renovated the house and expanded with a first floor. Aase was in charge of purchasing art, baking buns for the Gallery’s cafe, serving coffee and homemade cake, arranging exhibitions, serving customers both at the Gallery and Bed and Breakfast. In addition, cleaning, breakfast, washing and caring service were provided to all guests. It was difficult to find the time to look after the customers in the Gallery and in Bed and Breakfast at the same time. With a bleeding heart, Aase decided, after many years, to close the gallery and focus on the Bed and Breakfast and the guests who now came in a long, unbroken chain.

The house is largely characterized by Aase and Preben’s time as gallery owners. They have an exquisite taste. All rooms exude a sense of color and decor, fabulous art, beautiful art glass, watercolors, lithographs, sculptures and paintings.

The elevated, sloping ground is overlooking the Limfjord to one side and Humlum town to the other. The huge garden, like the whole house, is characterized by good taste and beautiful works of art. Small seating areas, terraces, a beautiful little garden house for the Bed and Breakfast guests and clean, unspoilt beauty everywhere. I have stayed at many Bed and Breakfast in my life. But I have never experienced anything as magical as Humlum Bed and Breakfast.

5 stars from me!

Humlum Bed and Breakfast
Relive the light and light summer atmosphere of Danish bathing hotels. 2 double rooms on the first floor with kitchen, bath and private entrance. On the ground floor is a 2-person luxury apartment with living room, bedroom, large bathroom, kitchenette and private entrance.

Humlum BB
Aase and Preben Nielsen
Oddesundvej 19, Humlum
DK-7600 Struer
Phone: +45 20 48 58 44
Mail: aase@humlumbb.dk

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