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Just sky and ocean…
You are driving through a fantastic landscape of rolling hills, glances of ocean and fiord, see Kalø Slotsruin lying as a black silhouette in the fiord. You continue dricing through small idyllic villages - right out to the outer Djursland, through Knebel - out to Fyret (the lighthouse) - right out there where sky and ocean floats together into one beautiful whole.A little collection of houses are placed arount Fyret - and in one of those is Fyrpasserboligen - the lighthouse keeper's house - in which you can spend a night or a week in the beautiful nature. Winnie and her husband Sten bought Fyret and Fyrmesterboligen with another family back in 2005.

Sten and Winnie were originally from Ryomgård, where they had lived together for many years. Sten worked from home as an accountant and Winnie - who is educated as weaver from the Jutlandic Acedemy of Art - had a weaver room and wove magnificent home textiles at the farm. Moreover, she travelled around in the country and taught the art of weaving and held lectures and courses. Thereto came the daily duties at the farm, where the family had a hobby agriculture with farming and 25-30 creatures.

Winnie was happy at the farm and throve. When Sten told, he wanted to sell the farm, Winnie said no. She did not want to move - unless it would be to something even better than what they already had - and Winnie did not believe such a place existed…

It was right until that day, Sten showed her an ad in the local newspaper, which revealed that Fyret in Knebel was up for sale. Then Winnie wanted to move. And when Winnie and Sten through 4 years had renovated Fyret and Fyrmesterboligen - Sten suddenly died. Winnie decided to sell Fyret and buy Fyrpasserhuset - the neighbor house to Fyrmesterboligen - and use it for renting out to guests.

Winnie renovates - once again - a worn down house, which through 20 years had been used as a vacation colony for children - which was easy to tell. The Board of Nature in Denmark had owned the house, and there was a clause that the house had to be used related to nature and teaching.
A bunch of camps, children and youth had been through the house, which was indeed worn down.

It is hard to believe that story when you see the house today. A quiet and beauty - that is hard to describe with words - lies upon the place.  The house with the 63 centimeter thick walls is renovated with beautiful materials and simple furniture - everything breathes of beauty - completed with nice craft. Everywhere - through all windows - is an indescribable view over the ocean - and pretty glances to Fyret - rising with its red "hat" as a crown.

Big old pine trees is placed along the ocean and gives small breaks of the view with their dark logs and crowns.
Fyrpasserhuset is today furnished with a big living room with room for up to 18 guests, who can use the kitchen and lovely surroundings for their daily visit.
In the ground floor is a nice bedroom with 2 double beds, a lovely bathroom and a little landing with a little cave - that offers an extra sleeping place.

Both local and outside guests enjoy this unique place on vacations or as a sleeping place at family get-togethers and other joyous occasions. Winnie herself lives in Fyrmesterhuset right next door, where she has furnished her weaving room and from where she is still travelling around the country with her job.

We can guarantee one thing - Fyrpasserhuset in Knebel is simply a fantastic place to visit. Surrounding the house is a yard that is shielded from wind, decorated with whimsical rocks found around the beach - wild, dried flowers - and again - this beautiful view.

I do not think there is a place in Denmark, more beautiful than this.

Fyrpasserhuset BB
Complete house, 120 m2 with 3 bedrooms and a total of 7 sleeping places. Bed sheets and towels not included. Big kitchen with tableware for up to 18 persons. Big living room. All windows has ocean view. Closed yard with tables and chairs for 8 persons and simple outdoor kitchen. Free wifi. Dogs allowed.

Winnie Poulsen
Sletterhagevej 54
8420 Knebel
Phone +45 86 39 45 32

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