The island in the middle of the World

Drejø - The island in the middle

The island in the middle of the World
Drejø is a very beautiful island with tall and steep clay cliffs and level tidal meadows. The island lies with an equal distance from the islands of Ærø, Funen and Tåsinge, hence the old expression The Island in the middle of the World. And what a World it is. Footpaths will take you around the island - mainly along the shores. During your walk, you may experience a varied animal life, such as the birdlife and the white fallow deer, which the island is particularly noted for. Please notice that the natural resort at Mejlhoved Point only allows limited access during the period from 1 March to 15 July as the area is in its most sensitive state. Every year an island camp is held on Drejø. In the camp you can busy yourself with various subjects. Apart from these island camps, many young people arrive at the island during the summer period to spend their summer holiday on the primitive campsite. During the last week of July, the Drejø festive days are held with a flea market, church concert, a party in the local village house and church service for the sailors on Gammel Havn with a public barbecue afterwards.

The fire
Until 1942 the town of Drejø was one of Denmark’s most well-preserved village environments. But during the hot and dry summer of that year, a fire broke out on Midsummer Eve, which had dire consequences for the densely built-up village. Most of the village’s men were at sea, and because it was a sunny summer evening, they did not notice the flames back on land. When they moored, it was all too late. A few buildings survived the fire, but the main part of the village burned down. Another reason to the disaster’s magnitude was that the fire engines had to be sailed from the town of Svendborg to the island.

On the island today, you will find a grocery store, a church, a library, a local archive and an inn with rooms to let. There is also a little gallery and several applied craftsmen. Gl. Elmegaard, which is one of the oldest farms on the island, was built before 1535 and survived the fire of 1942. The farm is a courtyard farm and also the island’s home museum. And with a unique collection of household effects, domestic utensils, agricultural implements and textiles, the farm relates of Drejø’s history during the last 250 years. Visitors will be guided through the various rooms and stables, where stories of Kings and peasants, parties and traditions, romance and ghosts are told. You will also find a unique model of the town of Drejø as it looked like before the fire. In Gl. Elmegaard’s cosy garden, coffee and a wide variety of home baked cakes and bread are served. Lunch can be ordered, but you are also welcome to eat your packed lunches here, as long as you buy your beverages in the little café. The farm also has a little art shop with in-house designs among other designs.

At the marina you will find a basic campsite, a harbour with room for about 35 boats plus an information-centre. Northwards, Drejø has an old natural harbour with room for about 15 boats. Both harbours have good bathing and toilet facilities. Bikes can be rented at the grocery store, on Gl. Elmegaard and by the Rasmussen family by calling them on +45 62 21 02 33. They live very close to the ferry harbour. There are ferry services to the island from the town of Svendborg and the island of Skarø. The crossing time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. There are 4 daily crossings, which require car reservation and passenger reservation for parties of over 10 persons.

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