Northern Europes largest aquarium

Hirtshals - Nordsøen Oceanarium

Northern Europe's largest aquarium
At The North Sea Oceanarium you will find unique experiences for children and adults - indoors and outdoors. The North Sea Oceanerium is a state approved zoological plant and contains 6 million liters of water with 81 different species of animals, who lives in the North Sea. Here, you can find everything from ferocious catfish to playful seals and sunfish. The North Sea Oceanerium is the biggest aquarium in Northern Europe.

The History of The North Sea Oceanerium
The North Sea Oceanerium opened as the Northern Sea Museum in 1984 and was back then a combination of aquarium and contemporary museum for modern fishing. In 1998 The Northern Sea Museum became Northern Europes biggest oceanarium by expanding with a 4,5 million liter huge oceanarium, where it - to this day - is possible to see the Northern Sea's fish in natural shoals.

In 2001 the Northern Sea Museum was once again expanded with a large outdoors sealarium with playgrounds and a café. In 2003, the Northern Sea Museum was hit by an accident, when a fierce fire destroyed the entire oceanerium building, and the famous sunfish, Klumpe, died. The rebuild lasted 18 months. In 2007, the Northern Sea Museum changed name to the one we know today - The North Sea Oceanerium. In 2010 the new experiences universe, Expedition Northern Sea, opened, and in 2013 a new outdoor plant, Krabbekysten, opened.

Expedition Northern Sea
The Northern Sea Oceanarium is divided into 7 destinations - at land, at sea and at the bottom of the Northern Sea. 7 destinations have been chosen and replicated down in 7 different aquariums for a better insight to, how it looks when you are under water. The seven destinations are divided as follows:

Hirtshals Pier: The piers by Hirtshals is residence for many fish and are therefore visited by anglers, who wishes to catch them. You can find dab, plaice, small cods, and in the summer there are huge shoals of herring and mackerel. At Pies Hirtshals you can try to catch some fish yourself with the interactive fishing rod. Afterwards you can go on adventure by the harbor, build your own pier and much more.

The Stornoway Wreck: By the destination Wreckage Stornoway you can hear about the wreckages that can be found in the North Sea. Hear about MS Stornoways shipwreckage and why wreckages are interesting fishing grounds.

The Dogger Bank: The Dogger Bank is one of the large sandy bottom areas in the North Sea. It looks like an underwater desert, but is full of life. At the sandy bottom you typically find plaice, scallops, cods, haddocks, and sandeels.
The Jutlandic Reef: The reef is the big city of the ocean and life is buzzing. Among others, you will meet the edible crab, which is one of the ocean's strongest animals compared to its size.

Norwegian Trench: The Norwegian Trench is over half a kilometer deep. Here, it is always dark, and the water pressure is so high that only the Norway Lobster, deep-water prawns and other water bottom animals can live here.

The Oceanarium: In the big Oceanarium you will experience being in the middle of the North Sea with large shoals, which requires a lot of space. The Oceanarium can contain 4,5 million liters of ocean water, which makes it Northern Europes largest aquarium.

The Limfjord Seal Habitat: In the large outdoor basin - The Sealarium - two kinds of seals live - grey seals and spotted seals. They are both common in Danish waters.

You can experience all the places as long as you want - and it is a fun and learning experience for the whole family.

Experience feeding of the animals
At The Northern Sea Oceanarium, you have the opportunity to watch the animals when they are fed. If you would like to see the seals being fed, you have to be at the Sealarium, outside, at 11.00 or 15.00. The seals perform quite a show while being fed, and there is always an intermediary present to tell exciting stories about the seals and their life in nature. The feeding lasts about 15 minutes.

If you want to see the fish in the Oceanarium being fed, you have to show at 13.00 in the Oceanarium. You will, during the feeding, be able to watch through the thick window and by the divers under water camera, which is filming close-up. The fish are hand fed, so you get ample opportunity to watch. The feeding lasts about 20 minutes.

Food and drinks
At The Northern Sea Oceanarium, you will find many good places to eat - the Café, Seafood, the Ice cream House, and the Sharkshop. You also have the opportunity to bring your own food and enjoy in the marked picnic areas. In the high season they can be found outside and in the low season both in- and outside.

Practical information
You will find free parking just outside The Northern Sea Oceanarium. If you need a wheelchair or stroller, it is possible to rent for free, but please note that there is a limited number of each available. The whole area is handicap friendly, as well indoors as outdoors. Handicap toilets and changing toilets can be found multiple places.

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