Take a trip on deep sea fishing in the North Sea

Hirtshals - Deep sea fishing in the North

Take a trip on deep sea fishing in the North Sea
You should at least once in your lifetime challenge yourself with a fishing trip in the North Sea. For it is in fact the experience of a lifetime to suddenly find yourselves in the middle of the sea at The Yellow Reef with 70 feet of water under the bow in a life and death batle with a 17 pound cod. Depending on the season you can catch a wide variety of exciting fish explains Bendt Staunsbjerg, Fyrholm ApS. Species richness is due to the Yellow Revs middle of the North Sea between Denmark and Norway. The reef is 10 miles wide and 65 miles long and several places on the reef, there are ancient shipwrecks, providing excellent habitat for fish. One can therefore also be lucky to hook one of the more rare species

Lots of tour routes
If you're going on a fishing trip in the North Sea, you must ally with one of the many organizers, who know the wind and weather and especially the fishing. From Hirtshals you can get angler trips of four to 18 hours with the ships M/S Fyrholm and Mille.

Ships History
M/S Fyrholm is a former naval cutter built in oak on oak spars with a tonnage of 41 tons. She was originally built at the Naval Dockyard, and the keel was laid in 1943 as a patrol vessel to Greenland. Because of the war the ship was never finished, and therefore never came to Greenland. Instead M/S Fyrholm was rebuilt as a minesweeper and sailed in the Danish waters. M/S Mille with seating for 23 people was also originally thought to have sailed to Greenland. She was built in 1977 and laid down as a trawler, but she was not finished as trawler. Instead two employees at the yard bought all the wood in her and finished builting the ship in a barn near Køge. M/V Fio is built by the German navy in second World War as flakship, pinewood on a iron deposit. After the war the ship was rebuilt in Lübeck and deployed in the German offshorefishing fleet with fishingnumber KIU 714. And was at this occation renamed Helga!

Fishing year round
The short fourhour fishing trips are only made in the summer as evening tours. In the summer you mainly catch mackerel. Six and eight hour trips are made on weekdays as coastaltrips. The long rides of 10 and 12 hours are offered every weekend to either the Yellow Reef or one of the areas many wrecks. Wreck Tours in the North Sea is probably one of the most exciting fields of marine fishing, says Bendt Staunsbjerg: You never know, what awaits you, when you send your bait or jig down to the wreck and a few seconds later, its gasping and shaking in the rodl! Then it is time to pull up in a hurry! The very long rides of 14-18 hours is arranged only on weekends and are usually wreck trips, where the depth can be up to 300 meters.

Departure from Hvide Sande
M/S Fio offers angleing trips of up to six days' duration. The shorter trips of up to 12 hours are arranged during the summer, and the goal is usually mackerel fishing or flat fishing trips. 15 and 21 hour trips are made all year round and are mainly wreckfishing. Many of these trips are custom made trips for one perticular species such as as porbeagle, haddock, turbot, hake and saithe. From Hvide Sande - mackerel trips for four and six hours in the evening in June, July and August.

Remember your fishing rod on your next holiday.

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