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Aabenraa - HanneZzz BB - host article

HanneZzz - Bed and Breakfast apartments near Aabenraa
Hanne has always been fascinated by the hotel- and restauration business. She got her first job as a dishwasher, when she was just 13-14 years old, and she has since had job in the field. She loved - and still do - to help giving other people a good experience through great service.

No one in the family wondered, when Hanne drove Danhostel Oksbøl with another person. Hanne had the responsibility to check in guests, take care of administration, helping with service and cleaning.

That was until Cupid hit Hanne - with precision - and she moved to Aabenraa with her new boyfriend Uwe into his family’s farm. The work at Danhostel was dropped, and Hanne and her boyfriend now created a common home in Rise Hjarup - located just 6 kilometers north of Aabenraa.

The earth surrounding the farm was rented out, and there was an empty building near the main house, where the crew used to go. Hanne got an idea. It was the service gene that moved, but Hannes boyfriend said no. Some time went by until Hanne succeeded in convincing Uwe. They were going to create an accommodation in the empty buildings.

To achieve something, you have to spend some money, so Uwe and Hanne made a deal. They agreed that guests should not enter their private home, and they should not offer served breakfast. The new accommodation became a mix between a hostel, where you can bring your own bed linen and cook, and a motel, where the guests have their own entrance and can park in front of their room. The new project was named HanneZzz Bed and Breakfast apartments.

Hanne and Uwe settled the deal with a handshake and agreed to build an additional five apartments. Down went the old henhouse, and the new apartment building was ready after just six months.

They did not do it for the money. They just though it was a reasonable way to create a profit of their funds, and Hanne could enjoy her hobby. The easiest would have been to put the money on a savings account in the bank and let it be done with that. Back then, you got interests of your invested capital in the bank. It was not the same as now, where capital and savings are not rewarded.

In the summer of 2011, all five apartments were ready. Hanne threw the last bucket of dirty floor cleaning water away, and in the same time a car entered the courtyard. Her first guest had arrived. The guest, who was a craftsman, had heard in the city that a new accommodation had been built - and he wanted to stay there. So without Hanne had known, he just came, asked for a bed and stayed for months. Now the business had finally started.

HanneZzz is located in nice rural surroundings. The area can fulfill all your wishes of an active vacation full of experiences. Nearby you will find two fiords - Haderslev and Flensborg Fiord - and many unique nature areas, which invites to activities or a swimming vacation. The city of Aabenraa is beautifully located in the bottom of Aabenraa Fiord, which is the deepest in Denmark, surrounded by forest and lovely nature. Aabenraa is first and foremost know for having the largest harbor in Southern Jutland with a significant amount of shipping and harbor industry, but also for the exiting city life, cozy shopping streets, and beautiful houses.

Seven years after the building of the apartments, Hanne looks back on many exiting experiences with happy and nice guests. A lot of craftsmen, students, family party guests, and travelers going to Germany has stopped by.

It has not been boring, as both Uwe and Hanne besides their day jobs have taken care of almost everything themselves, however with help from family, friends, and neighbors in pressured situations. You can easily say, the couple have lived an active life.

In a few years waits pension and a calmer existence. But the guest - Hanne cannot live without them...

HanneZzz Bed and Breakfast apartments
Five apartments - in use since May 2011 - each on 31 m2. Two of the apartments have handicap friendly parking, entrance, and bath. Every apartment is decorated with bedroom, double bed, own bathroom, small kitchenette-dining area with sleeping couch and dining table. In the kitchenette coffee make, oven, hotplate, refrigerator, and cutlery are included. TV with DVD-player available. Free internet connection. Breakfast not served. Bed linen package available for a fee. Children up to 2 years sleep free with their parents.

Hanne Petersen
Rise Hjarup Bygade 18, Rise Hjarup
6200 Aabenraa 
Mobile +45 21 43 92 55

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