Bedste Bo - host article

Bedste Bo - host article

Bedste Bo
Peter and Gitte welcome in the courtyard, where other guests are sitting and enjoying themselves in the summer sun.

They say that they have lived on the farm for 35 years. When they were trained as teachers in the 80s, Peter moved to Als and so did Gitte when she met Peter. They have both worked locally as teachers and had foster children for many years - often 4-5 at a time.

14 years ago, they completely renovated the farm and the old homestead was renovated from scratch. With 4 children, 9 grandchildren - they didn’t have room for all families and foster children at once - so Bedste Bo is actually made for children and grandchildren

After a year, everyone was home for a visit and the oldest had just been on holiday at a bed and breakfast and jokingly said that our bed and breakfast was now the best after all. That remark planted the idea with us - pling just said it and Best Bo was born. We started ren-ting out, when the family didn’t use the second home.

We started small. Rented out, when it fit into our busy everyday life with full-time work and foster children. Holiday rentals have grown over the years.

Now we are retired and have more time. We love the life it gives when families with children and other guests move in and take advantage of all the possibilities our place has. Bedste Bo is well located - right between Gendarmstien and Alsstien, close to a nice sandy beach, good fishing water and nice cycle routes. Another plus is the large garden, which offers plenty of quiet cozy corners and sitting areas, as well as play areas for the children.

We care a lot about our garden and are members of the Garden Association and have Open Garden. We have guests, who come as travelers here solely to see the garden, and we are easy to entice on a garden walk and are happy to talk about the garden and our area.

In the garden there is an area with outdoor ribs, a nice little playhouse with a sandbox. Here you will also find our pet rabbit Pelle, who would like to have dandelions. A little further down in the garden is our chicken coop - and you are welcome to feed the chickens. Children are also welcome to help collect eggs.

A little further down in the garden is a large giraffe swing and here, at the same time, there is a fantastic view over the Baltic Sea.

Here you can sit on a chair under the old oak tree and look at our Buddha, while peace descends on you. You can’t avoid meeting our two cute cocker spaniels - black Prune and reddish-brown Maize.

Our guests come for many different reasons - to fish in the good fishing water, to cycle, to hike. It can be tou-rists passing through who need an overnight stay, it can be people going to a party, people who want to have a holiday and enjoy Als. It can also be craftsmen.

You have to be willing to share here in Bedste Bo, because the kitchen, living room and bathroom are shared. Often we find, that it actually shakes people up. It gives a sense of community and a pull-together experience between our guests and they can end up sitting together and eating or hav,ing a fire one evening while enjoying a glass of wine together.

The breakfast in Bedste Bo is taken in Bedste’s coffee room and it is homemade from scratch. Homemade bread and cake. Greek yogurt with homemade, honey-roasted muesli, local sausage, cheese, fresh fruit, eggs and bacon or egg omelette with own vegetables, coffee, tea and juice. A real pleasure at a high level.

We love when guests have wonderful experiences and we will do everything to ensure that everyone has the very best experience and leaves here with new, happy memories in their luggage after a stay here at Bedste Bo.

Bedste Bo
Four lovely rooms with loft. Space for 12 guests and 8 beds in the loft.Wireless internet and TV. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared. Magnificent garden with a view of fields and beach on the horizon. Shelter in the garden. Play area for children, stuffed animals, trampoline, large giraffe swing, playhouse and sandbox.

Single room: DKK 350 per night.
Double room: From DKK 500 per night.
Bed in loft: DKK 125 per night.
Family room: DKK 650 per night for 3 people.
Breakfast per person: DKK 100
Lunch package per person: DKK 75

Bedste Bo
Gitte Korsgaard
Lysabildgade 88, Lysabild
6470 Sydals
Telefon: +45 74 40 49 35
Mobil: +45 60 91 23 96

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