3 Star-experiences in Sønderborg

3 Star-experiences in Sønderborg

The Sønderborg area is historically anchored with beautiful scenery and plenty of cultural offerings. If you choose Sønderborg as a holiday destination, there are many exciting things to experience. Sønderborg is a market town in Southern Jutland located on both sides of Alssund. The majority of the town is located on the island of Als, which is connected to Southern Jutland by King Christian X’s Bridge and the Northern Alssund Bridge.

Guided city walks in Sønderborg city are offered throughout July and part of August, and when there is ring-riding in the city, you can take part in a special, combined city and ring-riding tour. From Point of View at the Alsik Hotel and Spa, you can enjoy the view of the Sønderborg area with a ticket for 30 minutes and see the whole city, the fiord and the castle in all its splendor.

A landmark for the town is Sønderborg Castle, which with its central location in the harbor can be seen from all over the city. The castle was founded before 1200 and was rebuilt in 1550-70 into a four-wing Renaissance castle. The castle is today a museum with large, cultural-historical collections of furniture, textiles, crafts and South Jutland art. In addition, the museum highlights the history of Southern Jutland from the Middle Ages to the present, with emphasis on the wars of 1848-50, 1864, 1914-18, as well as the refendums and the Reunion in 1920. The castle also forms the setting for many outdoor events in the summer - tattoos, the Ringriding party and much more.

The Rngriding has roots back to the Middle Ages, where knights raced against one another on horseback to great entertainment for the European nobility. When the tournament came to Denmark, it was given more character of a national party, and over time the opponent was replaced with a ring as the tournament cost both life and mobility. King Christian III and his son Frederik II introduced the ring-riding in Denmark in the 16th century and changed the knight’s fight to equestrian.

Today, the riders are aiming for the royal title. To achieve it, one must master the art of galloping through a gallows and at the same time spearhead the ring with a lance. The ring initially has a diameter of 22 millimeters and sits in a bracket that hangs on cords. If you succeed in spearheading all 24 rings, you proceed to the tournament. Now it becomes more difficult, as the hole in the ring is made smaller, to eventually only be 6millimeters in diameter. Whoever manages the most rounds is proclaimed king, but one also finds a crown prince and a prince. If you want to know more, you can visit Denmark’s only Ringriding museum in the yellow half-timbered house in Kirkegade and get an insight into the history of the ring rider party. The house is also Sønderborg’s second oldest house. Ring-riding is a cultural-historical tradition in Southern Jutland and is also the Nordic region’s largest ring-rider party with more than 500 riders. The party will be held on the second weekend in July.

 History Center Dybbøl Banke tells about the fateful event, which took place in the Sønderborg area over 150 years ago, in 1864. It not only had serious consequences for Southern Jutland, but for the whole of Denmark. The History Center helps convey this dramatic period of the area’s history. Here, you are swirled into one of the most exciting chapters in Danish history. You can join the war in 1864, while the cannons roar and the scent of pancakes spreads in the soldier’s camp.

Prussian soldier J. Bubbe is excited about his new rear-loading gun, which sends the bullets off at a lethal pace. Danish private Hansen is happy for his good, old leaving gun. It barely shoots so fast, but in return it works every time! You are lucky to hear the cheerful quarrel between the two soldiers during the war between Prussia and Denmark in 1864. And that type of storytelling is precisely the center’s trademark, explains center manager and museum inspector, Bjørn Østergaard.

We convey the war in 1864 through the people who were there themselves. Using old letters and diaries, we can get an impression of what the people were like and how they experienced the war. When visitors see, hear and talk with the historical people, they experience the story in a new and exciting way. New people are constantly being added, so we can renew and vary the experiences at the history center.

Universe is a science park at Als in Southern Jutland, opened in 2005. The purpose of the park is to excite children and adults to science, technology and entrepreneurship. Universe differs a lot from other theme parks, as learning is the driving force for the amusement. The adventure park, formerly known as Danfoss Universe, offers many exciting experiences and fun learning. The background for establishing the park was to create a space where everyone can have an experience and learn about natural phenomena.

At Universe you can drive a segway, try to lift a car, build your own water rocket, climb the Sky Trail, explore the virtual world or try one of the many other attractions.

You can buy an admission ticket for the 3 star attractions Sønderborg Castle, History Center Dybbøl Banke and Universe at Visit Sønderborg’s website: www.visitsonderborg.dk


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