Way out, in the countryside by the ocean - Lille Vildmose Bed and Breakfast - host article

Vildmose - Lille Vildmose BB - host article

Way out, in the countryside by the ocean - Lille Vildmose Bed and Breakfast
In the Vildmose - just between the ocean and the bog - you will find a highly extraordinary Bed and Breakfast. Not only is it a very lovely place providing overnight accommodation, but also an old farm, where it is possible to experience concerts beyond belief. Every summer, 6 concerts are held by various artists. Lille Vildmose Bed and Breakfast lies in beautiful surroundings. The rooms were fitted in 2009 in one of the wings of the farm, which lies in the outskirts of Lille Vildmose and with a view over and a distance of only 400 metres from the most beautiful beach. The place has its own private footpath leading to the water. Here, tranqulity and immersion are enthroned, and the host couple, Bodil Bach and Gert Hassing Nielsen enjoy themself by making their guest comfortable.

Concert hall in the stables
The host couple has fitted a simple concert room in one of the old stables, and every summer they arrange concerts with various artists. And they sure receive fine words, when the concerts are reviewed afterwards. Music has become a draw of both the locals and visitors. In the beginning, everybody thought we were more or less crazy Bodil Bach says when being asked about, when they decided to change the farms empty cattle stable into a private concert room. And it all started when a consultant from the Danish Arts Council came to meter the acoustics of the old stable. He had only positive things to say about the room, because the room turned out to reproduce an excellent sound. So with financial support from the Danish Arts Council, the empty stable was convertet into a concert room. We have only received positive feed-back from our neigh-bours, and we enjoy the help from many volunteers, who sell tickets and put up posters, Bodil Bach says. The concert room seats 100 concert-goers, who, according to the critics, can comfortably enjoy the music in these intimate settings. You can experience classical music, chamber music and old ballad songs.

Not only music
In cooporation with the Hedeselskab, a society for moorland reclamation, the couple has furthermore planted the land and laid out small avenues, where you can take a walk before the concerts and enjoy your packed lunches or pick herbs for your winter schnapps. The idea was to create an overall experience and make a connection between nature and culture. We think, we have succeeded, Bodil Bach explains.

359 days a year
If you want to stay overnight in connection with the concerts, unfortunately you may rule out staying at the farm, because the rooms are offered to those artists, performing the concerts. Luckily Gert and Bodil are happy to help you find an alternative place to spend the night. Their four double rooms are available for hire on a day-to-day basis, with or without breakfast. If you choose breakfast, this consists of typical Danish rye bread, home-made bread of different varieties, eggs, sliced meat and cheese, butter and marmelade etc. Lille Vildmose Bed and Breakfast furthermore offers a common room, an extra separate toilet, access to a common room with a TV and access to a terrace.

Lille Vildmose Bed and Breakfast
Bodil Bach og Gert Hassing
Kystvej 224, Dokkedal,
DK-9280 Storvorde
Phone +45 98 31 06 50
Mobile +45 24 63 38 81


Gps: 56.871694,10.261298


Lille Vildmose BB

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