Fodsporet - a wonderful walking and cycling route

Fodsporet - walking and cycling route

Fodsporet is a 48 km long nature trail. The trail is bike-friendly, and there are exercise areas, playgrounds and shelters along the way. Fodsporet is a nature trail, which is laid out on the disused railway line between Slagelse-Næstved and Dalmose-Skælskør. Here you can walk, run, cycle or air the dog on a leash on a 2.5 meter wide paved path through the beautiful varied southwestern Zealand landscapes. There are two riding tracks between Tjæreby-Dalmose and Hyllinge-Fodby. Along the path there are many facilities such as nature playgrounds, health playgrounds, campfire huts and shelter sites. And not least lovely Bed and Breakfast places and private places that are located nearby, and where you can stay overnight.

Use your smartphone on the way
Look for 6 QR codes along the way on the red poles along the Footprint. Here you can with your smartphone get stories about nature, culture, exercise and try the interactive games along the way. You can get to the Footprint on foot, by bike, by car or by train. There are small parking spaces in several places along the Footprint. In addition, it is possible to park near the path in Slagelse, Dalmose, Skælskør and Næstved. You can also take the train to either Næstved or Slagelse.

Take your bike with you and take a short holiday in nature. The children can also have a fun trip - there are 4 nature playgrounds on the route at Slagelse, Sdr. Bjerge, Sandved and Hyllinge. If you have your dog with you, it must be kept on a leash on the Footprint. In the three dog forests along the track, the dog must run loose as long as you have it under control.

Toilets and drinking water
There are primitive toilets in many places along the Footprint. The disabled toilet can be found in two places - on the main path at Sludstrup and on the Skælskør branch by the Lungen area, approx. 1.5 km from Sønder Bjerge in the direction of Tjæreby.

Traffic on the track
You can travel on the Footprint on foot, by bicycle, on roller skates and the like. Driving a moped, car, ATV or other motor vehicle is not permitted. However, disabled people are welcome to use electric wheelchairs or four-wheeled disabled mopeds.

Where to sleep
You can stay overnight at one of the many accommodations along the way. Here you can read much more about the possibilities on site: You can find all hosts at:

1. Rostedlund - Jørgensen, Søndermarken 4, Rosted, 4200 Slagelse
Phone: +45 23 74 61 54 - Mail: -
• Dogs are not allowed and breakfast is not served.

2. BB Faarevadskrog - Appelsbjergvej 2, Hyllested, Dalmose
Phone: +45 25 43 42 68 - Phone: +45 21 34 71 48 - Mail: -
• Dogs are allowed and breakfast is served.

3. Kaptajnhuset - Anders Sørig, Skovvej 15, 4230 Skælskør
Phone: +45 30 42 12 92 - Mail: -
• Dogs are not allowed and breakfast is served.

4. Hotel Villa Fjordhøj - Lis Møller, Rådmandsvej 23b, 4230 Skælskør
Phone: +45 58 19 14 51 - Mail: -
• Dogs are allowed and breakfast is served.

5. Bed and Breakfast Næstved - Steffen Christoffersen, Kalbyrisvej 9, 4700 Næstved
Phone: +45 41 36 87 35 - Mail: -
• Dogs are not allowed and breakfast is served.

6. Hanne and Johan BB - Johan Rasmussen, Hasselvej 15, 4700 Næstved
Phone: +45 55 72 94 42 - Phone: +45 21 64 92 44 - Mail:
• Dogs are allowed and breakfast is served


48 kilometer long walking and cycling route between Næstved, Skælskør and Slagelse. Also suitable for families with children. Good accommodation options along the way. Read more:

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