Zealand specialties

Zealand - Specialties

Zealand specialties

Zealand - Sjælland has never been known for food and drink in the same way, that Fyn is associated with smoked cheese and North Jutland with bitter snaps called Bjesken. However traditional Sjælland cuisine offers many unique and delicious dishes such as curry cod from the village Gilleleje, lumpfish in gelatin from Agersø, gravy from Hundested and apple pie from Glumsø, where they also mix eggs and cream in the hot applesauce. But if you really want to savor Sjælland, how about trying a menu consisting of sukat soup for starters, herring with onions for a main course and a good old fashioned kidney cake for dessert.

Make your own sukat soup
Recipe for sukat soup comes from Kattrup on west Sjælland. For the soup you need:
• 1 liter wine
• Ground cinnamon
• Currants
• Sugar
• Potato flour
• Candied cherries
• Gooseberries
• Small Sectioned sukat
• Marmalade

The wine is poured into a deep dish. Add cinnamon, currants, sugar, candied cherries, gooseberries and small Sectioned sukat. The soup is heated and thickened with potato flour. Then add marmalade in small amounts. Before serving add sprinkled sugar on the plate's edge. The soup can be served both hot and cold. Besides sukat the other ingredients can be varied with other pickled berries and fruits. The recipe is found on www.madABC, where you can also find recipes for other regional dishes from Sjælland.

Bite-in-Herring on the bread
If you prefer having your food served, then you can take the family on an outing to the town Stege at Møn. Here lies the Restaurant Kaj Kok, who specializes in the centuries-old regional dish bite-in-herring. A real bite-in-herring has been left in salt for up to several years in large barrels. But the menu also offers quite traditional Danish dishes such as fried plaice, Danish steak, old-fashioned pancakes and fried pork with parsley sauce. The inn is both pleasant and popular, so it is advisable to book ahead of time, if you want to be sure of a table for lunch.

Exercise after meals
Once you've eaten a good lunch, there's not a long way to go to the chalk cliffs, one of Denmark's most breathtaking landscapes. The Chalk Cliffs are more than 100 feet high and were formed during the last ice age. A trip down the stairs to the beach is a good indicator of your fitness, but you will be rewarded for your efforts with the discovery of fossils, among other cephalopods, sea urchins and mussels. A good starting point for visiting Geo Center Møns Klint.

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