The gardens of Birkegården - Activities for the whole family

Ruds Vedby - The gardens of Birkegården

The gardens of Birkegården - Activities for the whole family
In 1970 Finn Sørensen bought Birkegården, which at that time was only a smallholders farm with four pigs. He married artist Merry, who did not have much interest in gardens and plants, but who had a well-developed creativity and sense of colors and beautiful compositions. Since the couple's dream of a lake and a big beautiful lawn was realized, it pulled more and more bypassers in, who wanted to see the beautiful garden, and over the years, the interest in the garden development and the number of visitors has just grown. Today the garden is 9 gardens spread over 30,000 m2. With a strong emphasis on a wonderful experiences for the whole family. Of those can be mentioned:

The romantic Danish-English garden 8000 m2 where flowers throughout the summer adorn themselves with an entirely impressive play of colors. Especially in the spring with 30,000 flowering tulips. The Japanese Garden is the largest Japanese-inspired garden in Denmark. 10,000 m2 is divided into 5 large and small garden sections. Prairie Garden witch with a host of perennials is great to visit as late as the fall, and the garden is filled with beautiful and elegant grasses. Everything is beautifully landscaped, and has made The Prairie Garden so famous, that it is shown in several garden books. The Monestry Garden is for those with an interest in spiced and medicinal herbs in 16 raised flower beds - a host of exciting smells and sensations that greets you. Perma Garden is a self-sufficiency garden. Permaculture based in a wish to care for nature, care for people and the fair distribution of resources. The garden is designed according to these principles and is an inspiration for the many, who share the love for self-sufficiency in a green way.

Do not forget the kids
Do yourself a favor and bring the children along, they will love a day at the Birkegården Gardens. There is a wealth of activities to engage in. Try pathfinder tasks, where you go around the garden and have to solve problems. Or have a ride on one of Birkegården Gardens sweet horses. Visit the nature playground, where children can pet the large number of animals - that enjoys beeing stroked and held. Futhermore you will find bond fireplace, mini golf games, a large indoor play area with climbing wall and go-kart track, and The Childrens Farm where you can try out the experience of living in the country and on a farm. The gardens have lots of places to sit, relax and enjoy the entire place.

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