Camp Adventure - One of the world’s 100 best experiences

One of the world’s 100 best experiences

Camp Adventure welcomes the specular tucked 45-meter high view tower in the forests of Gisselfeld Kloster near Zealand’s highest point. The view tower is designed by Effekt Architects and fulfills an ambition to create an aesthetically beautiful edifice and a uni-que nature experience, which at the same time is adapted to nature and built as sensitively as possible.

The starting point is to take a cylinder shape and make simmer the bottom and top while minimizing the center. The structure is a so called hyperboloid form that gives a curved expression, like an hourglass.

This not only increases stability, but also makes the experience even greater, as there is room for the wooden crowns to come very close to the narrow middle section. It all culminates at the top with a 360° view of the countryside. Time Magazine has, for the second time, voted The Forest Tower to be one of 100 most trendsetting and innovative experiences in the world.

Camp Adventures Forest Tower is a unique nature experience not found anywhere else in Scandinavia. The forest tower’s upper platform reaches 135 meters above sea level, and is the highest point in Zealand. From the top you can see more than 25 km beyond the beautiful South Zealand nature. If you look north, you will be able to see in clear weather the Øresund Bridge, Turning Torso in Malmö and parts of the Copenhagen skyline including Bella Sky and the Ørsted Plant. Camp Adventure is located close to Zealand’s highest point of Kobanke and the terrain is generally hilly and alternate between fields, contiguous woodlands and smaller villages.

The landscape is characterized by the many manor houses in the area that have left their visible mark on both cultivating the fields, having forestry and being historical cultural carriers. The Forest Tower is thus inscribed in a long cultural-historical development in both managing and disseminating nature.

The tower has been named the Forest Tower. It is approved to carry 3500 people at a time or approximately 500 kg square meters of oak planks per day.

In addition to visiting and climbing the tower, you can also visit the Climbing Park established in the area. The courses at Camp Adventure can offer both mental and physical challenges. If you suffer from altitude fright, you can start on the beginner’s path at 1.5 meters.Camp Adventure Climbing Park is Denmark’s largest and covers an area of ​​7.5 hectares. The climbing park’s 10 obstacle courses move in and out and across the beech forest.If you need tough physical challenge, don’t miss out on the adventure and sports courses that can give even the toughest boys and girls a fight. There are courses in all levels of difficulty, for all types of courage, physique and temperament. Whether you want to move boundaries, get your whole body trained or just have a fun day in the most beautiful scenery, the climbing park is a really fun survival adventure.

Camp Adventure offers 10 climbing paths, all different, and vary in height and difficulty. On the lanes, you move from tree to tree via either obstacles or cable. There are a total of 144 obstacles, 37 cables and 5,494 meters of courses. The highest point is 25 meters up in the wooden crowns. Each lane is specified with a minimum height of safety reasons. But there are courses for everyone from 3 years and upwards.

Most people spend about 4 hours climbing the lanes. After that, the fatigue often sets in. But a visit to Camp Adventure can also be a full day where you walk to and from the lanes and then take a break at one of the beautiful break spots found both in the beech forest and in the courtyard of the old, renovated farmhouse and the small lake. Indicative time per track is approx. 45 min.

Safety is the starting point for a fun and exciting experience on the climbing paths - which is why safety at Camp Adventure takes first priority.

When you arrive, you are provided with safety equipment and in the forest you are instructed by professional instructors, in the use of the equipment that is the best in the market. All guests must go through a test track, then there is free play on all the park’s ten courses.

Facts om Camp Adventure
Hight: 45 m
Lenght of ramps: 650 m
Materials: Corten steel and oak wood
Number of circles: 12
Weight: 600 t
Planks: 7.750 pcs.

First place ICONIC Award 2017 - Visionary Architecture
Finale World Architecture Festival 2017
Finale World Architecture News 2017

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