Zealand The Holiday Experiences of a lifetime

Zealand - Holiday Experiences

Zealand The Holiday Experiences of a lifetime
Zealand is number 95 on the list of the world's largest islands. Zealand, with its over 7,000 km2 is first and foremost the largest island in Denmark with Copenhagen as the central experience for those guests, who seek cultural attractions of all types and forms. Thanks to its size, Zealand also has an incredible range of offers from Zealand Split´s unspoiled nature to the limestone cliffs at Faxe and the cozy harbor in Korsør, where the broad Zealandic dialect still thrives.

Denmark's largest lake
Zealand's coasts are low and sandy with some exceptions such as charkcliffs at Stevns Klint. The highest natural point on the island is Kobanke by Rønnede in Southern Zealand - just 122.9 meters above sea level. On Zealand, you will also find the largest lake, Arresø, covering an area of 40 square kilometers. The lake is a relic from the end of the ice age, where a gigantic lump of ice slowly melted, creating the flat wetland. Actually, the lake is so large that it has its own yacht club and sailing club in Arresø Ramløse Søkrog with 60 places for ships in the water and 40 land sites. The lake runs into the Roskilde Fjord through Arresø Channel in Frederiksværk. The area around Arresø Lake offers several good hikes, which features many burial mounds.

A journey between four nations
Tourists on Zealand can achieve something unique by visiting three - maybe four - separate nations within a few hours. First, you can of course explore the beautiful countryside of Zealand on foot, on bike, or by car depending on your mood and tempo. But you can also swing around the kingdom Ellenore on a small island in Roskilde Fjord. The kingdom, according to its own history, was founded by a group of teachers, who worked on a boy´s school on the island. The language teacher fraction, who later called themselves Societas Findani, bought the island in 1944 and proclaimed the nation's birth. As a tourist, you can also set the course further east and pay the Freetown Christiania a visit. With its broadmindedness, alternative constructions, and anarchistic environment, it is considered by many as Denmark's third largest tourist attraction, and definitely worth a visit. There are plenty of opportunities to eat well, listen to alternative music or simply take a walk on Christianshavn´s old ramparts.

Finally, you can always choose to take a detour to our sister nation - the country of Sweden - via the Oresund Bridge from Amager to Malmo, where, among other things, you may find the twisted skyscraper Turning Torso. The skyscraper is Scandinavia's tallest building with 54 floors.

Zealand - a little of everything and more
Zealand has so much to offer, that it is difficult to grant the whole region the respect, it deserves. See the Guards ride through Slagelse every Wednesday, get a good look at the 100 year old Gl. Højerup Church on the edge of Stevn´s cliff, before it is plunges into the sea. At Lejre Museum you can get the full story of Gl. Lejre's cultural, historical, and national importance of people´s lives, live at camp. And how about a visit in Roskilde Cathedral, where 20 kings and 17 queens are buried? Now you are in Roskilde, you should visit the exciting Viking Ship Museum, a great place, which you can read more about on the following pages.

You can also take a trip to Slagelse Museum - an authentic general store selling everything from licorice root and scraps of double smoked salami.

Lolland - Falster - active holiday with great flavors
If you are rather on your own, head for the Elbow on Lolland, where you can walk along the several kilometers long sandbank - midways between sky and sea, surrounded by an orgy of mauve colors and wild flowers blooming. The flat landscape, fine biking, and hiking trails invite to an active holiday in a relaxing pace, and along the way, you can taste the many local products. On the south coast of Lolland, you can, as something unique in Europe, cycle along the 38 km long dike and take a plunge into the Baltic Sea on the way. Good beaches are everywhere, and you can take the ferry and explore the small islands Femø and Fejø, that houses both apple- and jazz festivals. Idyllic town environments can be experienced in several places. The cathedral city of Maribo with open-air museum in the charming lake district. Nakskov shows its history at its sugar and maritime museum and boating to the many small islands in the fiord. Nykøbing by Falster now has an impressive waterfront and is the commercial center for the region, in addition to having a rich cultural life. Just south of the city, the new museum Fuglsang with changing art exhibitions is located. On the east coast of Falster, you can experience the forest and beach in fine combination with beautiful views, and from Stubbekøbing the ferry to the island of Bogø departs. From Rødbyhavn on Lolland and Gedser on Falster there are ferry connections to Germany.

In Zealand only a selection is included, and we suggest, that you visit the local tourist office and pick up further information and brochures - a list would be unrepresentative of the variety available in the area.

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