Land of Legends and the world’s largest Viking hall

The world’s largest Viking hall

Sagnlandet Lejre - Sagnlandet is located in Lejre Municipality - 13 km west of Roskilde - opened in 1964 under the name Historisk-archæologisk Forsøgscenter and was for many years known as Lejre Forsøgscenter. It is a research and dissemination center as well as a popular tourist attraction with past and archeology as the main theme. The legendary land Lejre was founded to create new knowledge about the past through experiments. In 2003, Her Majesty the Queen undertook to become a patron in recognition of Sagnlandet Lejre’s many years of efforts for experimental archeological research, teaching and public information. At the same time, Sagnlandet Lejre is an atmospheric and exciting excursion destination for the whole family. Here you will find houses and environments from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Viking Age and 19th century as well as working workshops and old livestock breeds. All in 43 hectares of unique nature with hills, forests, lakes and meadows.

A visit to Sagnlandet Lejre is a sensory experience, where both eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands and feet are taken into account. You can greet the goats in the fold, watch when the wild boars are to be fed or go hunting for the treasures of the past in the archeological water screen. Take a walk in the historical areas, see what people of the past got for dinner, find out if the woolen clothes are scratching and if the old beds are comfortable or hard as stone. Whether you choose a hike on your own through Sagnlandet Lejre’s permanently reconstructed environments from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Viking Age and 1800s, or you attend one of the season’s many events, participate in a training offer or invest in a tailormade adventure trip with your workplace - challenges are included for both hand and head as a central element. Take the family under your arm and travel back to a distant past. Meet the Stone Age hunter, the Iron Age farmer and the trading Vikings. Grind flour and bake bread biscuits, sail a trip in a Stone Age boat, shoot with a bow and arrow and explore life long ago.

In Sagnlandet there are high ceilings and air to play. Embark on the many activities for young and old or unfold the picnic rug and sit in the sun with a food basket. The fire is lit for you, so you can heat your lunch over the embers - and you can borrow BBQ, popcorn pans and puff pastry sticks. That is the Living Past in Sagnlandet Lejre.

The Kings Hall - the world’s largest Viking hall- opened on 17 June 2020
The 61-meters-long royal Viking hall has been recreated on the basis of archeological finds from Gl. Lejre excavated by Roskilde Museum in 2009. The large opening ran off the stack on Wednesday 17 June, when Sagnlandet Lejre´s patron, HM the Queen, cut the cord for the giant Viking building.

The stunningly beautiful Viking Hall combines the Vikings elegant architecture and superb craftsmanship with 21st century technology and knowledge of indoor climate, working environment and lighting. Therefore, Kongehallens superior hall construction is located on modern foundations with electricity, heating, water and fiber cables that enable activities all year round. A new 4,000 m2 geothermal heating system ensures sustainable heating of both buildings.

The World of Legendary Kings is therefore not only an innovative culturalhistorical project that connects the deep roots of history across archeology, mythology, architecture and landscape in an integrated experience. It is also a technological innovation project, where Sagnlandet has set itself the goal of breaking new ground and showing how to aesthetically build a bridge between prehistoric architecture and modern, sustainable technology and production methods to create a flexible framework for historical revival, teaching and culturalhistorical events. With 658 square meters under one roof, there is plenty of space for everyone who wants to experience Denmark’s largest Viking hall.

To ensure a safe environment for all guests, you must book a ticket to enter Kongehallen under Covid-19. The ticket does not cost extra, reserving tickets is free, when admission to Sagnlandet Lejre is paid.

Sagnlandet Lejre

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