Skortskærgaard Bed and Breakfast and visitor farm - Happy children and old hippies - host article

Skortskærgaard Bed and Breakfast and visitor farm - host article

Do you want eggs for breakfast? Karen asked kindly. Yes, thank you, I answered smiling - I would like two. Modesty is not my strongest side if there is something I really like. Do you want to try a duck’s egg, Karen asks? To which I answer: Yes, that sounds exciting. I have never tasted duck eggs. On the kitchen table are wicker baskets filled with all sorts of different eggs. Blue, green, brown, speckled, white - large and small.

We arrived at Skortskærgaard late in the afternoon. The road was an exceptionally long gravel road, with the most beautiful view of the cozy Havnsø harbor and beach. High up on a hilltop is Skortskærgaard Bed and Breakfast and Besøgsgaard situated.

Karen was born in the area. Actually, she was born and raised on the neighboring farm. But this farm - where Karen and her husband now live - is a legacy from her mother and father. Karen’s husband is a chef, and he prepares Pop-up dinners both in the area and for the guests on the farm - when it fits into his program. If you are lucky, you can taste one of the fantastic dinners he prepares, of the food they themselves - mostly Karen - produce on the farm: Chickens, rabbits, pigs, turkeys and lots of fruit and vegetables. Karen and her husband live by the principles From farm to fork. As I said, they produce almost everything they consume, including spiced sausages, jams and honey, which you, among many other wonderful things, can buy in the small shop in the barn. But if you think that this is a pattern farm, where everything is in neat rows - then you are quite mistaken. The charm of Skortskærgaard is that nothing stands in neat rows.

Karen puts it this way: We thrive on happy children in rubber boots. And old hippies who can see and feel what it is we are trying to do with this place. - A bit like Frank at Kastaniegaarden - a danish tv-series - where everything that can be recycled is recycled. And I’m actually not that good at organizing, Karen says a little embarrassed. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. There are so many animals and the whole kitchen garden to look after, in addition to the Bed and Breakfast, that it must be difficult for Karen to have time for it all.

But despite the bustle, you do not feel it as a guest. There is time for a nice chat and a tour of the farm, so I can see for myself the many lovely animals. It must be a paradise for families with children here. No worries about the kids being harmed, no cars or other dangers, which means you can just let the kids run around and have fun with the many animals that faithfully follow you on your heels as you walk around the place. The sun is shining, and it is beautiful weather while we are visiting. But I would recommend rubber boots and practical clothes when you choose to visit Skortskærgaard in worse weather.

Karen offers two double bedrooms, a suite with a huge living room, two cabins and a glamping tent. It is a matter of temperament where you choose to stay during your visit. We stayed in a double room, with access to Karen’s private kitchen and separate toilet and shower. The three rooms on the ground floor of the farmhouse share shower and toilet facilities. That also goes for the two large cabins you can rent at the back of the garden. They share a cart with the same facilities.

The large cotton glamping tent with double bed and a cozy nook, has its own shower, toilet, and kitchen cart. It’s a really good space for a family with 2-3 children. And what an experience it will be for children to come to the farm. In addition to Bed and Breakfast, Karen offers guided tours for groups who want to visit. And I’m pretty sure Karen likes to show around Skortskærgaard - when you and your family come.

And how was it with my breakfast and my duck’s egg, you might think now. Yes, thank you - it was a great, tasty, light green experience. So big that I had no room at all in my stomach for anything but the eggs and some bacon. I did not get to taste at all the delicious, home baked buns or the 5 different spiced sausages that Karen served for breakfast along with smoky hot, black coffee. Duck’s eggs - just tastes good.

Skortskærgaard Bed and Breakfast and visitor farm
3 rooms that can be rented as either single-, double- or family rooms. There is 1 shared bathroom and 1 toilet for sharing between the rooms. Access to kitchen and garden. Free WIFI and parking. 2 cabins for 2-3 people with shared toilet and bath cart. Glamping tent with private toilet, shower, and kitchen cart. Delicious and personally served breakfast with homemade bread and jams as well as homemade spiced sausages. Linen and towels as well as breakfast at extra charge, cleaning and consumption are incl.

Skortskær Bed and Breakfast and visitor farm
Host: Karen
Skortskær 2, Havnsø
DK-4591 Føllenslev
Phone: +45 27 82 24 65

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