Experience the presence of history - with the smell of saltwater in your nose

Roskilde - The Viking Ship Museum 1

Experience the presence of history with the smell of saltwater in your nose
The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is an outstanding thrilling experience for the whole family displaying impressive viking ships and offering sailings and other exciting activities. Experience the Vikings’ world, dress like a viking or swing the heavy swords.

Museum, outdoor workshops and shipyard
The reconstructed viking ships are there for you to board, whether you prefer the trade ship stuffed with commodities from the Vikings’ world or the armed warship. The Vikings were the first Scandinavians to equip their ships with a sail, and when they returned from a raid or a trade mission under foreign skies, their ships were loaded with new exciting commodities. In the Eastern Room of the Museum where two of the reconstructed ships lie, you can listen to exciting stories about the Vikings, their lives and raids, and see their swords, helmets, chain mails, axes, a walrus tooth, skates made from bones and drinking glasses. The museum, which also includes outdoor workshops and a shipyard, was founded to display the five original viking ships found in Roskilde Fjord as well as the maritime culture of the Vikings - their shipping trade, boat building, handicraft and raids - and illustrates the importance of the ships for the society at the time. In 2009 the Museum opened a temporary exhibition of the thoroughbred viking ship, the Sea Stallion, which invites you to follow the world’s largest reconstruction of a viking ship travelling from Roskilde to Dublin. A fascinating story revealing details about the archaelogical, historical and practical work on the ship. In the shipyard the boat builders are presently working on a reconstruction of the sixth viking ship, Skuldelev 6, a fishing and cargo ship from around year 1030.

See the ships come alive
You can follow the workmen closely and see a genuine viking ship come alive, or you can watch and try out the handicrafts of the time e.g. twisting ropes from willow branches, carving runes in wood etc. The Museum’s collection of reconstructed viking ships and Nordic ships with raw sails is an active part of the procurement. However in the sailing season from May 1. to September 30. you embark on a viking ship as part of the crew and get saltwater in your hair experiencing the sailing qualities closely, when the ship sets out for Roskilde Fjord with spindrift on the bow. The Viking Ship Museum offers activities and events for all ages throughout the summer season:

• The Viking Ship Hall
• Five reconstructed Viking Ships
• Warships, tradingships and a fishing vessel from the Viking Age
• Museumisland- and harbour
• A museum for children • Guidede tours
• Sailing on the fjord
• An open and active boatyard
• Demonstration of the craftsmanship from the Viking Age 
• Workshops for children
• The Vikings' laboratory
• Archaeological workshop
• Weapons and outfits 
• School visits
• Group visits
• Film in the cinema
• Lectures
• Museum shop
• Restaurant and café

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