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Here the Danish cosiness lives
Many of us have been looking for it, and we came across it from time to time, but now we have found it - the place where we without blinking can stick a pin in the map and claim that here the Danish cosiness lives. Namely at SJ-rooms - Annette´s Bed and Breakfast in Jejsing! This is the place where cosiness will greet you, as a big warm hand from the moment the door opens and you are greeted by the hostess. And we promise that it rubs off faster than you can manage to stick a hand forward and say møjn - the way of saying hallo in South Jutland. It was a fire long time ago, that allowed Annette's parents to build a bigger house and when one of the neighbors down the road were missing space for some of their guests, they asked Annette's father to house them.

At the age of 70 he was registered for VAT and so her parents started to run the Bed and Break—fast. Since old age and illness forced its way in, Annette´s parents asked if she would take over the whole establishment - and she would love to. Annette says: I am a former day care mother, and  so I've always had an open door. And as Annette's husband often is away from home, driving his truck, it would be great for her to fill the house with life. Business flourished. At one point the neighbors moved. It was simply too tempting and exciting to get the opportunity to expand the business with seven more rooms. We held our breath and jumped on it - we hoped that we could fly - and we could, Annette smiles proudly. SJ-rooms has grown from 4 to 9 cozy rooms. The area around SJ-rooms in Southern Jutland has a great deal to offer, exciting experiences that can enrich your and your family. After a day visiting the border region, it is a relief to return to Annette, who devotes all her time and effort, to give you an experience and a stay you will never forget. Many Bed and Breakfast places is small mini tourist agencies, and Annette is always at hand to make suggestions for tours in the region, to suit guests' expectations, either they want to go alone or with a guide, in the car, canoeing, cycling, walking or perhaps as a western rider on horse back in the marshes. 

A wealth of experiences
There are a wealth of experiences waiting and not all can be found in fine brochures. Many are simply only known by a local person. Sj-Rooms offers guests to enjoy their holiday of pure relaxation with plenty of experiences or as business travelers working in the area. No matter what there is room for everyone. Annette appreciates all the stories her guests are sharing: I think that it is so incredibly exciting to hear about cultures and people's lives and daily life in other countries. We have many different nationalities coming as guests visiting SJ rooms and the region, and fortunately it is more the rule than the exception that they return to us again and again.

The many Christmas and New Year´s cards Annette receives from a lot of different countries bear witness that there must be something to it. And when we take a peek in the guest book, it is indeed clear that we are not the only ones who have discovered this matter with cosiness - not to mention Annette's great heart, warmth and kindness. I am humbled in relation to the idea that people choose to spend their holiday and valuable time here with me, in my area, in my home .. and that is why it is so important to go that extra mile, to give people an unforgettable experience. And we have no doubt what so ever, that it is exactly what you will get at Annette´s - an unforgettable and very, very pleasant cozy experience.

Sights nearby:

• Nolde Museum
• Schackenborg Castle and Gardens
• Højer Valves
• Mandø and the Wadden Sea Centre
• Esbjerg Fisheries and Maritime Museum
• Tønder Lace
• Denmark's oldest town Ribe
• Rømø wide sandy beach
• Schleswig with Friedrichstadt and holms

SJ Rooms
Small village, near Tønder and the marshes. 9 rooms, of which 5 has private bathroom and toilet. 2 kitchens and whirlpool. TV and Internet in almost every room. 12 people can be seated and dine in the kitchen. Breakfast can be ordered. Relax with the family, go Border shopping or just shopping in Tønder.

Annette Olsen   
Hostrupvej 33, Jejsing
DK-6270 Tønder
Phone +45 74 73 41 96
Mobile +45 40 40 41 94

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